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Han Dekha! Dekha maine Dekha!
Yahan bhi dekha, wahan bhi dekha,
Sara ye jahan bhi dekha,
Kahin apno ki berukhi,
Kabhi gairon ka sath dekha.

Kisi ka aan-baan dekha,
Kisi ka shan-o-samman dekha,
Kabhi dabdabayi ankhe, aur
chehrey pe muskan dekha.

Kabhi badaltey saaz dekha,
Kisi ka takht-o-taaz dekha.
Chamchamati ankho ke pichey,
Dard bhara wo raaz dekha.

Kisi ke khokhaley waadey,
Kisi ka bholapan dekha,
Kisi ki mast nigaheyn,
Kisi ka alharpan dekha.

Kisi ki dharkan kisi ka saans dekha,
Kisi ka aas aur vishwas dekha,
Kisi ki jhuki ankho me,
Wo pyaar bhara ehsaas dekha.

Kahin os ki thandi boondey,
Kahin ghaas naram dekha,
Kahin aapno pe sitam,
Kahin gairon pe karam dekha.

Kahin bikhari tanhai dekhi,
Kahin bant rahi ruswai dekhi,
Kahin lut rahi angdayi,
Kahin wafa saason me samayi dekhi.

Kahin ankho me chamak dekha
Kahin dil me kasak dekha
Kahin thahri hui se…

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The Enigmatic Girl With Perfection Personified!

She is god’s wonderful creation,
as an epitome of exceptional perfection.
In this world of mystification,
Her tranquility ends every delusion.

There’s enigma in her oozing walks..
Her face shines as she gently talks;
For her lustrous long lock
There’s always a mesmerized flock.

She is an artist,a naturalist;
She’s a hip hopper,an exotic heart throb.
She is crazy,she is hilarious;
She is freaky,she is too melodious.

She is a bibliophile,with no traits of being fragile;
With her wonderful ability to beguile.
She is so remarkably versatile.

With her oomph s in her traditional attires..
Her heart full of desires,
She is always the one who really inspires.!